July 10th, 2012

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Google Shuts Down Additional Websites

With Larry Page at the helm as Google’s CEO, there’s been an emphasis on trimming all the various services that Google offers around the web in order to focus on what they deem to be their more promising products. As such, to no surprise, more cuts are arriving with the announced shutdown of iGoogle, Google Video, Google Mini, and many others.

Google Video’s shutdown isn’t surprising with their focus being on YouTube. Google Video stopped accepting video uploads quite a while back, so the final shutdown was inevitable. However, the one that caught a lot of people by surprise seems to be the shutdown of iGoogle. At BeeSeen, we felt that iGoogle, although sort of a relic in terms of interface design, could have received an upgrade to become a much better product instead of getting the cut.  We know that there are many users who are sad that it’s going way. If it’s any consolation, there’s still 18 months of service left before it is completely shut down.

With all these cuts, other than Google’s Search products, it really makes you wonder why we should use and adopt other new Google products since there isn’t any guarantee that a service will be kept around for the long haul.

For perspective, here is a list of other Google properties that have been shut down by previously:

  • Google Wave
  • Google Search Timeline
  • Knol
  • Aardvark
  • Fast Flip
  • Google Friend Connect
  • Sidewiki
  • Google Web Security
  • Subscribed Links
  • Google Notebook
  • One Pass
  • Google Flu Vaccine Finder

For additional information on this, visit Tech Crunch.

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