September 6th, 2012

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GraphEffect is Helping Social Marketers Work Smarter

GraphEffect is an enterprise collaboration platform for social media marketers to organize and synchronize their marketing initiatives and efforts both within and between companies.  Think Facebook, but focused for social marketing communication and collaboration.  With GraphEffect, marketers can collaborate on planning, content creation, analysis, measurement, social advertising, etc. in a single work space.  Early adopters of this platform include big Fortune 500 companies such as American Express, Verizon, Toyota, Clorox, Estee Lauder, Samsung and Marriot.  Just recently, the latest version of the platform has been released and is being made available to the public and developers for the first time.  Now SMBs, consultants, marketers and others can join the world’s largest social network for marketers.

There are four main features of the GraphEffect platform: Teams, Sidebars, Follow Ups and Apps.  Teams is a virtual project team that keeps everyone on the same page.  Sidebars allow for private conversations and communication within the context of a single team.  Follow Ups keep track of the important things, similar to using reminders.  Apps are custom add-ons and allow for integration of all the collaboration features so that marketers can work together.

GraphEffect has two apps:  Ad Manager and Story Manager. Ad Manager is for managing advertising campaigns on Facebook and analyzing paid, earned, and owned media in a single location. Story Manager gives teams the ability to manage Facebook pages, schedule posts, and identify the best organic content to turn into ads. The company is working to release additional apps including those for file management and calendar management.

The company generates revenue by charging a fee to marketers that execute the campaigns they plan through the tool.  Additionally, GraphEffect charges a commission on Facebook ads and similar buys on other platforms.

GraphEffect is finally available to everyone.  This is great news for brands, media buyers, agencies, PR companies and their clients who work on digital media and advertising campaigns together.  These marketers can hopefully look forward to fewer in person meetings, conference calls and endless email chains.  The time has come for cross organizational marketers to collaborate on multiple campaigns simultaneously in one digital space.

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