May 11th, 2012

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How Brands Can Capitalize on Mother’s Day, the Digital Way

For brands targeting women, Mother’s Day is a day they can’t miss.  Nordstrom, Tiffany, Nine West and many others are jumping on this opportunity.  This special holiday that honors mothers, grandmothers and other maternal figures offers tremendous business opportunities in the world of e-commerce.  It is a peak time period from the end of April to the beginning of May when internet business merchants would be foolish not to focus their marketing initiatives on some type of gift-giving theme.  There are many traditional, as well as innovative, ways to promote selling products/services catering to female end users in the virtual shopping mall.

Let’s start off by mentioning some of the most popular gift ideas for mothers: greeting cards, flowers, chocolates/candy, clothing, shoes, jewelry, spa or manicure services, massage treatments, shopping sprees and gift baskets.  Online flower companies like 1-800-Flowers, Teleflora and FTD continue to experience peak business on Mother’s Day every year. features a holiday-appropriate “Gifts for Mom” section on its menu bar, as well as a stand-out “Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100”on its landing page. integrates new social media giant, Pinterest, in their Mother’s Day campaign strategy.  They created a Mother’s Day pinboard, appropriately named “Nine West Hearts Mom” on Pinterest to help push some of their best-sellers.  Additionally, the pinboard serves other benefits by keeping customers engaged with the brand via pinning, and also gives them a chance to participate in an exciting contest in which they can qualify to win shoes and accessory gifts by re-pinning images.  Tifffany’s commerce-enabled mobile site is allowing customers to buy right from their devices.  There is also an opportunity on the mobile site to share products on Facebook, Twitter and email.

Then there are the non-traditional types of ways we show mom we care: giving mom a day off (“me” time), enrichment type classes, donating money to a local charity close to your mom’s heart, etc.  The Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek offers a “Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed Experience” which allows kids to cook heart shaped pancakes for mom straight from the hotel’s kitchen to serve to mom in her hotel room.  New York’s offers a “Make Her Mother’s Day Special” page which promotes giving mom an experience she won’t forget.  Non-traditional packages geared toward mom include bull riding lessons, a cardio strip tease dance class or a fighter pilot for a day.  All of these are meant to “create a memory, give an experience.”  MoneyGram has a creative internet marketing campaign called “Tell Her Gram” where visitors can post a photo of mom and share a message of thanks on the MoneyGram Facebook page.  Another out-of-the-box gift idea is donating for a good cause, in honor of your mom.  You can log on to to donate money to help save children’s lives in over 150 countries around the world.

According to a recent study by Experian, 52 percent of Americans will save time by going online to buy mom a gift with a few clicks.  Besides holiday-optimized landing pages & banners on websites, social media marketing, and user friendly mobile apps, how else can e-commerce businesses take advantage of all the internet traffic out there?  Well, businesses can certainly promote Mother’s Day gift ideas through a series of email suggestions.  These emails should use catchy subject titles geared towards celebrating mom and the importance of finding the perfect gift. Additionally, the growth of mass social couponing sites like Groupon and Living Social, as well as niche sites like Mamapedia, Savvy Source and Plum District (all targeted to moms and families) have been very popular in selling products and services virtually at deeply discounted prices.  As mentioned earlier, merchants can create a Mother’s Day pinboard to Pinterest to keep customers thinking about Mother’s Day and to encourage gift ideas.  In general, Pinterest seems to be winning with the female brands, with its predominant female demographic.  Social networks are no doubt great for pushing sales when there is limited time left to make purchases.  Time sensitive promotions featured on Facebook and Twitter have proven to be very successful in advertising big holiday promotions, such as Mother’s Day.

With that, we, at BeeSeen, wish all mother’s out there a happy Mother’s Day.

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