December 10th, 2010

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Google Case Study: Roy’s Restaurant achieves 800% ROI with mobile only campaigns and hyperlocal advertising

With the growth of the smart phone market, local businesses are starting to reap the benefits of mobile advertising. Roy’s Restaurant is one such success. By utilizing Google’s click-to-call phone numbers in local ads on mobile devices and hyperlocal advertising, Roy’s has been able to achieve an astounding 800% on ROI by focusing solely on mobile advertising.

  • Click-to-call phone numbers is an exclusive feature for Google’s mobile advertising. It allows advertisers to add a location-specific phone number within ads, in turn, giving users the ability to click the number to call the business.
  • Hyperlocal advertising serves locally relevant ads and displays distance information based on their location and how close they are to the business.

Doing mobile advertising doesn’t always guarantee success. It requires some best practices for implementation, too. Excerpted from the case study:

Roy’s and G&M subsequent steps are a great example of how to maximize returns by advertising on mobile devices with Google. First, the duo created a national, mobile-only campaign that enabled them to budget, bid, target, and track their mobile performance separately from their desktop AdWords campaigns. Next they employed aggressive bids to increase the chances of their ads appearing in the top positions – an important consideration for advertising on mobile because of the phone’s smaller screen size.

Of important note is the phone’s smaller screen size. A smaller screen size in mobile advertising is both beneficial and detrimental. Mainly, it’s more competitive to achieve top spots, but gaining a top spot gives you a clear advantage in that you garner a much larger presence on screen.

Mobile advertising has a lot of room for growth and is only in its infancy stage. How do you plan on utilizing mobile advertising to help your ROI?

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