July 2nd, 2009

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You&A With Google’s Matt Cutts – SMX Advanced 2009

Danny Sullivan
Matt Cutts
5:00 – 5:45PM on Tuesday, June 2 in International Promenade Room

What’s a You&A? Essentially, a question and answer session with the head of Google’s web spam team, Matt Cutts. As an engineer in search quality, Matt Cutts has been dealing with webmaster issues for Google since 2000 and is well known to many advanced search marketers from his blog and public speaking.

How do you know if your website is in the penalty box?

  • Look for a sustained drop in rankings
  • Search for hidden text within your website in the event it has been hacked
  • Make use of Google’s webmaster console, as it provides a lot of useful data
  • Contact the Google through the Google Forum

PageRank Sculpting

Manipulating PageRank flow is no longer as effective as before. This is due to some changes to the way PageRank handles “nofollow” links.

Previously, when tagging a link as “nofollow” the PageRank juice that would normally be directed to that link would then be reassessed and directed towards another link on the same page. Example:

A page with a PageRank of 5 has 4 links on it. 2 of those links have the “nofollow” tag. The 2 links with “nofollow” tag receive no PageRank juice, while the remaining 2 links each receive 50% of the PageRank juice.

With the change, the PageRank juice that would normally be directed at “nofollow” links will no longer be redirected to non-”nofollow” links. As such, that “juice” will just evaporate.

Google Bowl?

Google tries to prevent competitors from buying bad links. As such, bad links can’t hurt you in the rankings.

SEO when dealing with AJAX

To be SEO safe, use common mouse over code when using AJAX.

Duplicate Content

If duplicate content can’t be avoided, try to private label the content. Example: Job listings to multiple websites.

To avoid duplicate content penalty for co-branded sites, ask yourself what is the value being added? If it doesn’t provide a good user experience, it may be penalized.

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