July 2nd, 2009

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Social Media & Search Marketing: Not The Same Old Stuff – SMX Advanced 2009

Rae Hoffman

Brent Csutoras, Social Media Marketing Consultant, Brent Csutoras, Inc
Jen Miller, Manager, Delta.com Onsite Marketing & Content, iProspect
Dave Snyder, Co-Founder, Search & Social

Think social media has nothing to do with search? Think again.

Social Signals

What are the signals?

  • Engagement
  • Methods and systems for personalized network searching
  • Relevancy Feedback Indicators
  • Upstream and Downstream data (where you go)
  • User Reviews (how people rate things)


How can you drive early traffic from Twitter?

  • Plan out your campaign
  • Utilize well crafted DMs
  • Engage Top Users
  • Track via Query String Parameters
  • Add Retweet Capabilities to the page (add retweet badges)
  • Control the bookmarking of your site (through Delicious and other social bookmarking sites)
  • Increase use of site (add some javascript to increase visual appeal and interaction)
  • Add Engagement Points (i.e. video, voting, widgets, quizzes, review)

Speaker: Brent Csutoras

Using Stumble Upon!

Stumble Upon is a social aggregation site, showing users popular content based on votes. Stumble Upon will only show a page once per person (which means a category with 30 people will only show 30 visits)

There are 2 ways to add sites to StumbleUpon.

  1. Browser Tool Bar
  2. StumbleUpon.com/submit


Using the right tags can go a long way towards increase exposure.
Some tips for tagging:

  • Use StumbleUpon.com/ads
  • Be targeted, pick the right category or you will get negative reviews
  • Use cross tagging
  • Look at what other people are tagging and see what is effective. Don’t hesitate to edit yours

Add and make friends:

  • Get subscribers, testimonials and votes
  • Post to your blog
  • Vote on others videos and photos
  • Tag and Review other content
  • Choose a niche

Other Tips:

  • Don’t review the same site multiple times, this looks like spam (by promoting yourself)
  • Avoid patterns in voting, discoveries, shares (i.e. It looks like spam if you only stumble friends, click on the same button too many times in a row, or discover too much from one section)
  • Choose and Use the Right Tags
  • Most importantly, make Your Profile Rock!

Speaker: Dave Snyder

Creative Commons license:

Incorporating the creative commons license can be a good means to generate links and help with SEO. You can make use of this license by:

  • Finding pictures that you like and are appropriate
  • Request usage of those pictures and use it in your articles and posting. You can do this by saying something like, “we liked your picture, we want to feature it in our article and give you credit.” The photographer may link to you as a result. Generally, pro amateurs but not pros will be more than happy about it (top professionals won’t let you use their photos).
  • Join flickr, start contributing

Speaker: Jen Miller, Delta.com

Integration is Key to Success

Interlinking Tactics:

  • Target keyword list & link to main site
  • Blog links to YouTube & Flickr
  • Links back to specific blog post

Tracking & Listening Tactics:

  • Measure with a dashboard
  • Action on key metrics
  • Give ‘em more! They’ll talk and link

Other tactics:

  • Be flexible
  • Specify Goals
  • Cross promote
  • Give customers what they want

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