July 27th, 2012

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Google TV Ads: The New Way to Pursue TV Ads

Google TV Ads aim is to make television media buying accessible and affordable for small and large businesses alike. Google TV Ads are the search engine giant’s attempt to combine cable ad inventory with web-based ad reservation systems in an easy-to-use system. The idea is simple, users create a 30 second ad, upload it to Google, set a specific budget, select the demographic target audience and presto… Google broadcasts the ad nationally.

Like Google Adwords, Google TV Ads are created using keywords, so simple spots, like simple Ads work best. Google TV Ads keywords are used to find slots in the TV program schedule for ad placement for a particular TV program that is right for your target audience. Auction spots occur daily with the best spots going to the highest bidder. The winning bid for a chosen time slot is sent directly to the TV network and the bidder or advertiser pays only for impressions served on TV sets tuned into their TV ad for at least five seconds.

Similar to other advertising mediums, you can choose from a variety of different demographics such as age and income just to name a few. Unlike other advertising mediums, however, Google TV Ads are supposed to be the best way to get exposure on a national level while carefully controlling advertising cost and targeting the exact audience for which you’re interested.  Other advertising mediums can’t easily make this claim.

With Google TV Ads modeled after the familiar Google Adwords structure and considering that it is built into the Adwords interface, it is easy to assume that Google TV Ads would be an instant success. But how has it faired so far?

Google TV Ads count amongst its client base major companies such as Coldwell Banker, Lenovo and Alltel Wireless. It also has secured partnerships with Cox Media and DIRECTV and Verizon FiOS. But what about the small business market? As of now, Google TV Ads only allow for national advertising, as it doesn’t support local geo-targeting. Google TV Ads, however, appears to have helped smaller businesses as well with clients including Mint Snuff and Chickdowntown.com. So is Google TV Ads right for you and will it become a part of your marketing strategy in 2012?

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