June 12th, 2012

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Introducing Mobile App Inventory in Adwords

Why is Google making a big push towards mobile advertising?

  1. As of last November (2011), there were an estimated 1.2 billion mobile users in the world (Source: International Telecom Union).
  2. According to ComScore (via TechCrunch), about 80% of mobile media is consumed using mobile apps.

With those kinds of numbers, it’s pretty clear why mobile advertising would be important to Google. As a marketing agency, it’s important to us, too.

Here are some new features that Google is launching and how it can help us:

  • A new mobile app campaign creation flow: This makes it easy for us to get started with mobile app advertising using a familiar AdWords interface
  • New targeting features: The new targeting features allow for specific device, app category, placement, OS versions, and more. This allows us to get very detailed about advertising display.
  • Consolidated media buying and reporting: Along with search advertising, everything stays in one account for easy comparison and reporting

So what is this good for? It’s good for all forms of advertising, from e-commerce to mobile site traffic, but we can see this being especially great for digital and mobile app downloads.

If you aren’t sold on mobile advertising still, check out Our Mobile Planet and peruse some of the interesting data there. Some highlights:

  • About 66% of smartphone users access the Internet on their devices daily
  • About 96% have researched a product or service on their phone
  • About 33% of smartphone users make purchases directly from their phones
  • About 37% of shopping research on smartphones leads to purchases via PC
  • About 72% of tablet owners make purchases from their devices weekly

What are some ways you plan on utilizing this new feature?

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