July 2nd, 2012

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Advertisers Finding Success on Twitter’s Mobile Ads

We know that Google has been making a push towards mobile advertising by Introducing Mobile App Inventory in Adwords. We documented some numbers that showed an increase in mobile users and mobile app users, but perhaps it’s the success that Twitter is touting that has spurred this push.

The Wall Street Journal reports that some companies have been finding a lot of success by placing Twitter mobile ads. So much so that Twitter now claims that it is generating a majority of its revenues from mobile ads rather than from Twitter.com.

P.F. Chang’s happens to be one of those companies. They found so much success that they shifted their entire $25,000 budget to mobile ads during their first run of trying Twitter advertising. Be wary, though, in a 2nd run, the success wasn’t quite as successful. As quoted:

“The results were staggering,” Mr. Miller said. He added that P.F. Chang’s in April kicked off another $25,000 Twitter ad campaign to pitch lunch offerings. Mr. Miller said it hasn’t been as effective in generating clicks or in pushing up restaurant sales.

He speculated that Twitter ads may be better for time-sensitive events rather than for awareness-building efforts. “That may be where Twitter ads fall flat,” Mr. Miller said.

Another company, CloudOn Inc. is a firm believer in Twitter, though, as Twitter ads helped to generate close to 10,000 downloads of its free software app. As quoted:

Jay Zaveri, CloudOn’s vice president of product and marketing, said when the start-up targeted Twitter ads in the past few months to mobile devices, about 2.5 of every 100 ads resulted in an app download—about three times the download rate of ads on Twitter.com, and better than other advertising services CloudOn has used.

So it sounds like it’s still a fairly niche market, but if you’ve got the right promotion and the right product, it Twitter mobile advertising could be very lucrative. Jury is still out, but would you be willing to advertise on Twitter’s mobile ads? Let us know in the comments.

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