October 2nd, 2012

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AdWords Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and SEM

Search Engine lands has brought up an interesting bit on AdWords Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (or RFSA) in their article, Enter The Cookie: How RFSA Will Affect SEM.

The new feature in AdWords will allow a marketer/advertiser to create segmentations based on cookies or user-specific behaviors. Some examples for what you could do are:

  • Exclude users who have already converted on your site from seeing your ad in their search results
  • Bucket users based specific page visits, time spent on site, and/or other behaviors trackable by analytics and then boost bids or lower bids based on those behaviors
  • Create user-specific messaging for ad text based on user behavior on your site
  • Remarket or upsell new products to users who have already converted on another product

These are just some examples, but there are a lot more you can do based off cookie information.

If this model takes off, as an advertiser, it’s time to get to acquaint yourself with cookies as things in AdWords just go a lot more complicated.

September 4th, 2012

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Optimizing Your Adwords for Video Campaigns

If you have the means to produce video content, Adwords for Video could be a viable advertising outlet, whether it’s for driving traffic or for branding. Just to throw some stats at you, YouTube has about 4 billion views per day and it reaches about 800 million unique users with about 100 million social actions taken each month. That’s a lot of reach.

Adwords for Video has 4 different types of advertising methods.

TrueView In-Stream – A skippable long-form video content that is shown as a pre-roll to other video content

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December 11th, 2010

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Google Adwords: Updates to the Keyword Tool

Google Adwords recently updated their Keyword Tool based on user feedback.

Some important updates include:

  • Three new ways to filter and refine the keyword list
    1. Specify terms to include or exclude
    2. A “More like these” button that presents similar keywords to ones that have already been selected
    3. Display only results that include exact words or phrases
  • Starring keywords – add stars to keywords while searching and review them later in a “stars” panel
  • View as text – view selected keywords in text format for easy copy and pasting.

We’ll be sure to take advantage of these changes here at BeeSeen. Leave us a comment below on how you are liking or disliking the changes.

December 10th, 2010

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Google Case Study: Roy’s Restaurant achieves 800% ROI with mobile only campaigns and hyperlocal advertising

With the growth of the smart phone market, local businesses are starting to reap the benefits of mobile advertising. Roy’s Restaurant is one such success. By utilizing Google’s click-to-call phone numbers in local ads on mobile devices and hyperlocal advertising, Roy’s has been able to achieve an astounding 800% on ROI by focusing solely on mobile advertising.

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