March 23rd, 2012

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Twitter Acquires Posterous Spaces

Posterous Spaces has just been acquired by social media giant, Twitter.  Posterous Spaces is a publishing blogging platform that is a one-stop shop allowing users to share text, photos, videos, links and other categories of content and ideas. Posterous lets users share publicly or privately by web, email or mobile app.   Its tagline is “sharing smarter” and it has been popular due its simplicity, flexibility and ease of use for fast blogging, multimedia entries and social networking. Posterous is differentiated due to the fact that it is driven by the privacy concerns of its users and places dominance on selective sharing.  It does this by allowing individuals and businesses to create and manage permission-based blogs and photo galleries with controlled access.  Posterous users are in turn sharing many more photos and videos privately versus publicly.  Posterous points out that “private sharing is the future battleground for social networks.”  Posterous competes with other platforms like Tumblr and WordPress.

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