September 6th, 2012

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GraphEffect is Helping Social Marketers Work Smarter

GraphEffect is an enterprise collaboration platform for social media marketers to organize and synchronize their marketing initiatives and efforts both within and between companies.  Think Facebook, but focused for social marketing communication and collaboration.  With GraphEffect, marketers can collaborate on planning, content creation, analysis, measurement, social advertising, etc. in a single work space.  Early adopters of this platform include big Fortune 500 companies such as American Express, Verizon, Toyota, Clorox, Estee Lauder, Samsung and Marriot.  Just recently, the latest version of the platform has been released and is being made available to the public and developers for the first time.  Now SMBs, consultants, marketers and others can join the world’s largest social network for marketers.

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August 3rd, 2012

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Google Acquires Social Ad Startup, Wildfire Interactive

Google has been on a buying binge lately and their latest acquisition is a social ad startup by the name of Wildfire Interactive.

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August 2nd, 2012

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New Digg Relaunched with Tighter Facebook and Twitter Integration

A lot of people wrote Digg off a while back when they launched v3, but v4 was recently relaunched by the new owners, Betaworks with a new emphasis on images. Naturally, a lot of comparisons will be made to Pinterest, since they popularized the vertical tiling style, but it’s definitely a more appealing design than previous iterations.

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March 29th, 2012

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Social Media ROI with Google Analytics

In the next few weeks, Google and its Google Analytics team will be rolling out a new initiative with social-focused reports.  Its goal is to help individuals and businesses measure the ROI on social media marketing.

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November 19th, 2010

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Fear of Social Media in Business Marketing

Steve Olenski has written up a blurb on how many businesses still fear Social Media, citing a survey conducted by American Express OPEN that discovered that only 40% of businesses leverage Social Media. Some of the reasons attributed can be found in another article, 15 reasons why companies may fear social media. What are some of those reasons? Excerpted:

  • Fear
  • Lack of experience
  • Ignorance
  • Waiting for ROI
  • Lack of Resources
  • Unwilling to be transparent
  • Terrified of feedback/truth
  • High degree of skepticism

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November 18th, 2010

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BeeSeen’s Favorite Blogs

Working in SEO, SEM, and web marketing generally has us being online a lot. As such, we come across a lot of blogs and various websites that are often entertaining, helpful, inspirational, and down-right hilarious. We just wanted to take a little time and share some of our favorite blogs that we frequent as part of our professional habits or on our personal time.

In alphabetical particular order:

Bing Webmaster Center

Bing is a major player in search. As such, we like to keep up to date on what’s going on with Bing for SEO/SEM purposes.

Bleacher Report

Are you into sports? Some of us here at BeeSeen dabble in watching it. Bleacher Report is a great place to get your sports article fix from somewhere that isn’t ESPN.

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November 12th, 2010

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Can Using Facebook Get You Fired?

Well, the answer isn’t so clear cut. The NLRB backed a worker fired for Facebook posts that ripped on her supervisor. The National Labor Relations Board declared that Facebook posts and comments are legally protected speech in the sense that it’s similar to water cooler conversations between employees.

Even though the National Labor Relations Board has chosen its side, the case remains to be decided by a judge in January or the two parties can still settle out of court. If a ruling happens, the ruling could set precedence but can also be seen as fairly circumstantial. The employee was fired for online comments made on her own time using her own computer.

In a general sense, there could be many other factors to possibly take into account when dealing with whether or not if Facebook posts/comments are under protected status, such as:

  • Privacy settings on Facebook, e.g. who can view the posts, etc…
  • Whether or not if a personal Facebook account constitutes a public forum
  • The subject matter
  • The nature in which the post/comment is made

On a somewhat related note, a Cisco study shows that 2/3 of employees think employers should allow them to access social media during work hours. This study seems to add more questions to the dilemma. When using company time to conduct social media activities, would NLRB’s declaration still apply?

So, what do you think? Should employers allow employees to use social media during work hours? And if so, should an employer be allowed to set social media policies? Or should your personal social networks be protected from employer backlash?

September 13th, 2010

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Facebook Passes Google in Time Spent on Site

Business Insider SAI is reporting that, for the first time ever, Facebook has passed Google in “Time Spent on Site”.

How do you spend your time?

October 21st, 2009

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Social Media ROI: What, How, Why – BlogWorld Expo 2009

BlogWorld & New Media Expo

Panelist(s): Rob Hahn, Jim Marks, Sherry Chris, Mike Simonsen, Dan Green

What is an ROI?

Traditional ROI = Return on Investment
Social Media ROI = Return on Influence

ROI is a measure on traffic, clicks, and dollars. The basics of ROI is that, how much money you put in is how much you get in return. It can be summed up as such:

Time invested and sphere of influence put into Social Media => Return on Influence => Return on Investment

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October 14th, 2009

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Blog World Expo – Las Vegas, NV – October 2009

Blog World Expo
October 15-17, 2009
Las Vegas Convention Center

The 2009 BlogWorld & New Media Expo will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, beginning with the exclusive “Social Media Business Summit” conference on October 15th and continuing with the BlogWorld & New Media Expo and Conference October 16th-17th. This is first and only industry-wide tradeshow, conference, and media event dedicated to promoting the dynamic industry of new media including: Blogging, Podcasting, Social Media, Online Video, Music, TV, Radio, Gaming, Entertainment and Communities.

Sign up before July 1 to save, use TWEET20 as your coupon code for 20% off.