October 4th, 2012

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Pinterest Passes Yahoo! Orangic Search Traffic

A study from Shareaholic that Pinterest is now the 4th largest traffic source in the world.

Some interesting things to note:

  • Since May, Pinterest traffic has more than doubled in size.
  • Since January, Google, Yahoo and Bing organic traffic has decreased by 15.63% on average.

These are some interesting trends. While organic search engine traffic is still very important, social media has definitely risen and requires attention in any marketing efforts.

March 30th, 2012

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BeeSeen Brings E-Marketing Expertise to Local San Francisco Businesses

BeeSeen has opened a new location in the San Francisco financial district led by E-Marketing consultant and owner, Richard Lee. Originally headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, BeeSeen has established itself as a prominent full-service E-Marketing consulting firm. During the firm’s five year history, BeeSeen has provided SEO consulting and digital marketing services to clients in some of the following industries: Online Retail, Software, Hi-Tech, Hospitality, Green, Construction, Law, Education and Financial Services.

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October 21st, 2009

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Social Media ROI: What, How, Why – BlogWorld Expo 2009

BlogWorld & New Media Expo

Panelist(s): Rob Hahn, Jim Marks, Sherry Chris, Mike Simonsen, Dan Green

What is an ROI?

Traditional ROI = Return on Investment
Social Media ROI = Return on Influence

ROI is a measure on traffic, clicks, and dollars. The basics of ROI is that, how much money you put in is how much you get in return. It can be summed up as such:

Time invested and sphere of influence put into Social Media => Return on Influence => Return on Investment

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