September 11th, 2012

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Getting Started with LinkedIn Ads

If you’re a B2B business, it could be a good idea to do LinkedIn Advertising because it’s all about catching the attention of business people and LinkedIn has over 120 million users who are focused on business connections. So, how can you get started with LinkedIn Ads?

The first thing is to create an Ad. For LinkedIn, the ad should have a more professionally-targeted tone and quality. Once you have your ad, be sure to create several variations to find the right messaging and imagery.

Next, set the Target Audience. Target Audience is a good way to target specific profiles, but keep in mind that not all information on the site is required. When selecting targets, the following are some target options that may not work effectively because not everyone provides this information:

  • Company size
  • Gender
  • Age

While it’s possible to use those targets, it’s recommended that when using these targets to also create a duplicate campaign that doesn’t use the above targeting as a comparison (A/B testing).

Another thing to note is that Target Audience only takes into account their current position, industry, etc… So if you’re targeting by position, it may not reach the full audience that you intend.

One final note in setting up LinkedIn Ads for success is to invest most of the budget into the weekdays because that’s when LinkedIn gets most of their traffic (Mon-Fri).

Happy LinkedIn Advertising.


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