November 1st, 2012

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Grow Your Business with Twitter Ads

Twitter has recently rolled out advertising for small businesses through their business portal, Twitter for Business.  If you are a small business looking to gain more followers and grow your presence on Twitter, perhaps you should consider allocating some of your marketing budget here.

How can you engage with your customers and put Twitter to work for your business.  Advertise on Twitter with these 2 new paid advertising products:

  • Promoted Accounts: Turbo-charge the growth of your followers and convert those followers into customers.
  • Promoted Tweets: Get more visibility for your tweets and drive more clicks and retweets.

If you are looking to accelerate growth of your follower base, Promoted Accounts are great.  Twitter will recommend followers for you based on people with similar interests.  Promoted Accounts can also be geo-targeted at the country and city level to reach users in specific locations.  If you are looking to expand the reach of your message or promotion and increase follower base, you should focus on Promoted Tweets.  Promoted Tweets are generated directly from real tweets.  Twitter will monitor your account for engagement and promote your best tweets to the top of a user’s feed.  According to Richard Alfonsi, VP of Global Online Sales at Twitter, “Promoted Accounts are best for growing a loyal follower base, while Promoted Tweets are best for getting tweets in front of a larger audience to drive more clicks and engagement around a promotion, product launch or event.”

How advertising on Twitter works:

  1. Pick a location to advertise and set a daily budget.
  2. Twitter promotes your business by putting your best tweets in front of more of the right people at the right time.
  3. You only pay for results.  You are only charged when someone follows your Promoted Account (when you gain a follower) or engages with your Promoted Tweet (when someone clicks, retweets, replies to, or favorites your tweet).

There is a lot of buzz around the new Twitter advertising.  Currently, one third of small businesses in the US are using Twitter to promote their products & services.  These businesses see the value of social marketing for growing and engaging their audience.  They know that the right tweets convert people into customers, and turn customers into advocates. Also, Twitter followers tend to be more active and engaged than with other social networks.  Drive results further by engaging a community with Twitter advertising and get your tweets in front of more of the right people.

Twitter Advertising for small businesses is currently available to a select group of businesses via invitation only.  Twitter plans on steadily increasing the number of participants in the coming weeks.

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  1. Jemma Taylor Says:

    Great article, I, too have been using Twitter for a long time and like you, admit that it’s not my favorite. I have been thinking that I should get a little deeper and learn more about it. I think I am missing out on an opportunity!!

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