October 9th, 2012

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Is Your Business on Google+? Should It Be?

With today’s emerging technology, smart businesses should consider kick starting their business on Google+.  Google+ is Google’s main social platform, and it integrates seamlessly with other Google properties, such as Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, etc.  The collaborative search results make it possible to actively search for the types of people interested in your products/services by using the same Google search terms.  Google+ also provides real time social engagement and interactions to support its social efforts.

Google+’s Hangouts on Air use audio and video to show live streams as a form of communication via social media.  Hangouts can be streamed publicly to your Google+ profile, YouTube channel and website.  With Google Hangouts, businesses have a unique and engaging way to communicate with their customers.  Hangouts are also a cool way to deliver and share information. Businesses can include different communities and bring community into content creation itself.  The way that users communicate, behave and participate with others is unique to Google+ and great for businesses.  With Hangouts, businesses can both communicate AND listen to their customers.

Google+ also has pages for brands.  However, these are different than what is on Facebook and Twitter.  Although many businesses tend to auto-post and duplicate copy across multiple platforms, Google+ offers the opportunity to differentiate conversations based on Shared Circles.  Here, fans of businesses can comment on individual content, or interact with fans via an interaction or thread for the whole community to view.  Hangouts, Shared Circles, Party Mode, and +1 are some of the features on Google+ that allow for more niche targeting of stuff that people are passionate about or desire. Topics of interest can then organically grow.  Posts on Google+ can show up on Google’s organic search and you can gain followers if users are interested in your content.  Google+ gives businesses the opportunity to curate great content.  There is also an organized RSS reader and the ability to follow streams, which is the true nature of social media.

Google+ is an excellent social platform for promoting businesses.  It essentially makes a brand more human to its customers.  Businesses can interact with their customers via audio and video, which gets a lot of engagement.  Research has shown videos to be extremely affective in forming relationships, telling stories and conveying messages.  Other than the rich multimedia capabilities it offers, Google+ helps businesses align with different communities, and engage and share useful information with like-minded people.  And of course, the collaborative search results from all the Google products is a great advantage, as Google+ can give you great organic growth based on your defining preferences.

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