September 18th, 2012

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Tips for Creating Successful Facebook Contests and Sweepstakes

If your goal is to grow and engage your audience on Facebook, consider offering contests and sweepstakes.  These types of promotions can help you get more Facebook likes, more leads and more user-generated content in general.

  1. Determine Your Objectives – Sweepstakes are great if your goal is to grow your audience.  Because sweepstakes are typically easy to enter, they tend to attract a large number of participants.  Contests, on the other hand, work better if the goal is to engage your audience.
  2. Outline The Details – Decide on the prize (incentive), which must be appealing for the participant to enter.  Typically, the more attractive the prize, the higher chances of it being shared.  Great prices range from new products, high value items, exclusive or limited products. Other details to consider are how the winner will be selected and deciding what information is needed from participants.
  3. Follow The Rules – Follow Facebook promotional guidelines and create contest rules in compliance with any state or federal regulations.  Also for contests and/or sweepstakes, you must create an app or work with a developer who can create an app.
  4. Design Graphics – Design and customize your promotion.  The three most common types of graphics are the Header/main graphic, the Like-gate graphic and the App Icon.
  5. Testing – Make sure to perform user-flow testing prior to launch.
  6. Launch – Publish promotion to Facebook page.
  7. Promote Your Promotion – Actively promote contest or sweepstakes to gain more entries and votes.  Post on Facebook wall.  Use timely reminders (email reminders, social media posts and website mentions) and updates to existing audience.  Also promote through sponsored stories or Facebook ads.
  8. Moderate and Manage – Depending on contest or sweepstakes, manage the ongoing promotion plans.  Approve or decline submissions.  Select and notify a winner once promotion ends.
  9. Use The Results – Nurture new leads with an email campaign or another promotion.  Create a photo or video gallery of all the entries on your website.  Analyze results and measure success.  Look for new opportunities and insights about your customers.  Build upon what worked and improve in areas that fell short.

Download the original white paper source from Votigo: Guide to Facebook Contests and Sweepstakes

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