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E-Mail Campaign Design & Implementation

Professional E-Mail Design that Generates Interest

BeeSeen is committed to creating unique high quality E-Mail designs that generate interest and promote click-through rates by applying the following attributes:

  • Company Branding Specifications to Promote Brand Consistency
  • CAN-SPAM Compliant Design and Implementation
  • Strategic Placement of Call to Actions, Graphics, and Content for both visual appeal and UI functionality
  • E-Mail Delivery Optimization to Reduce Being Flagged by Spam Filters and Maximize E-Mail Deliverability
  • Expert Structure Implementation for Consistent Display of Design Across Major E-Mail Applications
  • Latest E-Mail Marketing Industry Advice and Best Practices

E-Mail Campaign Landing Page Design & Implementation

A landing page, also known as a lead capture page, is the transitional page between the Call to Action and the conversion. This transitional page acts as an informational extension of the Call to Action. Here are some benefits in having a landing page:

  • Seamless User Experience Between the E-Mail, Call to Action, Landing Page, and Sign-up Form
  • Provide a Direct and Targeted Offer for the Visitor to Easily Locate and Immediately Interact
  • Additional Analytics to Measure Campaign Performance
  • Post-Click Optimization Opportunities to Enhance Conversion
  • Generate Direct Traffic and Higher SEO Score

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