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E-Marketing Strategy & Planning

Over half of all American consumers use the Internet to research products and services, with very little hesitation in purchasing your products and services once they trust your brand. A company's online presence is vital to build that initial trust. For any company, having a strong online search engine visibility and being where your customers are searching is critical for reaching your target market, reinforcing brand confidence, and investing in future sales growth. At BeeSeen we have helped our clients facilitate sales from $10 to over $100,000 in a single purchase due to the strength of our overall E-Marketing efforts in building online presence, brand awareness, and visibility.

Strategic E-Marketing Plan

Investing in a robust E-Marketing strategy has become more important than ever before. The companies that succeed are those that successfully anticipate the different types of information that their prospective customers desire and then make it available to them; they will position themselves as industry leaders by being active and influential in areas outside of their website and be available to their target online audience.

If your competitors have already implemented an E-Marketing plan, you are already playing catch-up. If not, then a strategic opportunity exists. Will you take advantage of it?

The most important step to an effective E-Marketing campaign is the proper planning to ensure that all marketing objectives, messaging, and comprehensive execution plan are clearly defined to deliver the optimal performance results.

At BeeSeen, we work closely with clients to come up with the right strategic E-Marketing plan to help clients increase sales and achieve their goals and objectives. This is the critical research, discovery, and planning necessary to determine the right E-Marketing services and roadmap. With any effective marketing initiative, it starts with proper planning with a focus on developing the most effective E-Marketing strategy.

6 Key Benefits of a Strategic E-Marketing Plan

  • Building Visibility & Brand Awareness

  • Gaining Wider Target Audience

  • Customer Acquisition

  • Lower Marketing Cost

  • Trackable and Measurable Results

  • Customer Retention

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Our E-Marketing Plan include:

  • Extensive Research and Monitoring of the Market, Industry, and Competitors

  • Identify and Map Out E-Marketing Goals

  • Identify Target Market and Demographics

  • Identify Key Competitor's Online Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Identify Client's Online Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Identify New Revenue Opportunities

  • Define the Optimal E-Marketing Mix Mapping to the Best Opportunities

  • Define the Reporting Criteria and Success Metrics

  • Develop the Right E-Marketing Strategy Catered Specifically to the Client

  • Develop a Strategic Plan and Marketing Calendar

  • Develop Clear Business and Technical Recommendations

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