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E-Mail Campaign Reporting

Reporting: Track, Measure, Analyze, Improve

BeeSeen provides a thorough report following each E-Mail campaign to help track, measure, and improve all existing and future campaigns.

  • Recipient Activities
    See which recipients opened, did not open, clicked links and unsubscribed from this campaign.
  • HTML Link Activity
    Find out how popular each link in your campaign was and who clicked each link.
  • HTML Opens Over Time
    Track the open activity over time for the entire campaign.
  • Forward to a Friend Activity
    See which recipients used 'Forward to a Friend' and how many people they forwarded the campaign to.
  • Unsubscribed Over Time
    Track the number of recipients who unsubscribed from this campaign over time.
  • Recipient Bounce Activity
    See which subscribers did not receive this campaign and why.

E-Mail Campaign Performance Analysis and Report

BeeSeen will work with the client to monitor, measure, and track performance results for each campaign in order to measure performance improvements over time. This will include gathering sign-up and conversion data, monitoring website traffic, and other required online and offline performance result data.

In addition to the online reports, BeeSeen will help monitor and identify:

  • Conversion performance results
  • Web traffic performance results
  • Online / Offline increase in leads or interest
  • Recommendations for E-Mail campaign improvements

Advanced Analysis and Performance Reporting

BeeSeen also provides in-depth E-Mail campaign analysis and performance summaries regarding measured and identified trends, improvements, and tracking results of strategic changes.

For each campaign category, improvements will be measured against industry standards and objectives, which may include:

  • Open Rate
    Measures percentage of people who actually see the message.
  • Click-through Rate
    Measures percentage of people's response to specific offers, informational links, etc.
  • Conversion Rate
    Measures how many people took the action based on the message.
  • Strategic Results
    Measure result against the ongoing strategic E-Mail campaign optimization to improve performance results.
  • Segment Subscribers
    Identify high quality, medium, and low quality / inactive subscribers.
  • Other Client Provided Benchmarks
    Additional benchmarks may be identified in planning and provided by client.

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