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Strategic E-Mail Marketing Strategy and Planning

With 183 billion E-Mails sent per day1, E-Mail is one of the most widely used mediums of communication, which makes E-Mail Marketing an affordable and cost effective advertising channel to pursue. But with 2 million E-Mails sent every second1, the challenge is breaking through the clutter. BeeSeen can help you break through the clutter and successfully engage your customers through a strategically planned E-Mail Marketing campaign to help you stand out and be seen.

BeeSeen conducts an in-depth analysis of the client's E-Mail Marketing process along with the data collected from each E-Mail Marketing campaign to provide customized strategic recommendations and testing options.

  • Custom E-Mail Marketing Process & Flow
    Create an E-Mail Marketing process integrating the online and offline marketing venues to tailor to the client's business.
  • Advance Segmentation
    Provide suggestions and conduct campaigns to help segment the E-Mail list.
  • Behavioral Targeting
    Provide suggestions in re-marketing to certain groups of recipients.
  • List Build & Recipient Retention
    Provide suggestions and produce campaigns to maintain and encourage new members.
  • A/B & Multi-variant Testing
    Conduct and measure tests on different variables to determine the perfect combination for conversion.
  • E-Mails with Dynamic Content
    Additional coding to compile specific content according to recipient's relevance.
  • Integrate E-Mail Marketing with E-Commerce
    Customize transactional E-Mails as an additional marketing venue.
  • Automated Response E-Mails
    Additional technical set-up to allow automated E-Mail responses.
  • Website Analytics
    Additional technical set-up to track traffic and conversion rate of campaigns.
  • International Recipients
    Create multi-lingual campaigns.

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1 Radicati Group