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SEO-Compliant: Search Engine Optimization Factors

SEO is achieved by the combination of relevancy, popularity, and seniority, which can be obtained through two main factors – On Page and Off Page Factors. These SEO elements maximize every opportunity on and off the website to optimize your keywords. Each factor will help the search engines index the site correctly in order to reach your target audience.

On Page SEO Factors

On Page SEO refers to the code and content on your website. It acts as the foundation for your ongoing SEO efforts by making your website more easily found, read, and crawled by search engines as well as indicating to the search engines what keywords your site should be indexed under. Some of the On Page Factors include:

  • Technical SEO Website Recommendations

    • Technical SEO Website Code Optimization

    • Technical SEO Server Side Configuration

    • Website URL and Directory Structure

    • Internal Link & Navigation Structure

  • SEO Content Optimization

    • Body Content

    • Header Tags

    • Image Alt Tags

    • Anchor Text

Off Page SEO Factors

As the name indicates, Off Page Optimization is the work that needs to be done off or outside of your website pages. Off Page factors directly contribute to your website's popularity. Some of the Off Page factors include:

  • Quality Links to your Website

  • Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Overall Website Traffic

Building Quality Links and Traffic for Popularity

It's a well-known fact that Google started with link score as its first search engine algorithm. Therefore, the number of links pointing to your website from other high quality websites is a critical factor to your overall SEO score. Each link to your website counts as a vote of popularity because links send a powerful message to the search engines. It indicates that your website is so valuable, interesting, and useful that other sites want to tell people about it. These links also help direct traffic to your website, which is another indicator of website popularity.

If you have good content, numerous links will come your way naturally, but if you want to speed things up, you'll need to actively pursue those links. Keep in mind that obtaining 100 quality partner links will out score 1,000 low quality links, therefore, it is crucial to obtain relevant links from high quality sites.

Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the fastest growing communication channel today, and a great vehicle for word of mouth and viral marketing. Web 2.0 websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. combined with a viral marketing campaign can generate online buzz around your company and benefit your website in both direct traffic as well as increase SEO score. Google scores your website higher for blog and community based links to your website.

Learn more about Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing

Website traffic

Traffic is one of the scoring factors. Whether that's direct traffic, traffic from advertising, or traffic from your social networks. It's important to track your overall traffic score through Google Analytics, Alexa, and several other benchmarks for traffic score.

Changing SEO Landscape

Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process as search engines are continually updating their algorithm and search functionality to create a more meaningful user experience. Any of these changes does impact keyword rankings, what content is displayed, and traffic to your website. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain constant search engine optimization and improvements.

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